Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Midday Misery

My girl took me out to the Yard today. She pulled me up to the huge comfy seat and we sat looking out at the midday sky. It's been sunny, sun shine, sun shine! The wind was warm too. We sat side-by-side, each silent as the sky. I looked at my daughter. She looked sad... Just a young thing but with so many worries. I leant over and hugged her. Soon Vincent would come to pick her up so we sat together in silence, my arms around her shoulders.

He came eventually. He said nothing but eyed Sho to follow him. She kissed my cheek, I hugged her and then they walked out to the far reaches, as far away from me as he could possibly take her. I went straight home. The sad time was trying to take over and I'm not ready

Monday, 10 February 2014

The Beak & Shoshana Comes to Visit

Melan went out snooping yesterday. He saw this guy. Look at that snout! Wow!! Mel said he looked kinda "bossy", official like. He had followers and smelt like the bad fish at the bottom of the Fissure. Maybe he makes that smell down there. I wonder if he knows the Mesa Beak Man?

Mel found me a few pebbles to paint. Got's to be the smooth ones else I can't draw. My hands shake enough without bumpy pebble problems. I might draw this guy on one.

My sweet lad after a long day's scavenge. I love him so much!

This evening my daughter, Shoshana came to visit us. She'd caught a buzzard! She can come to see us once in a while, when her father Vincent allows it. He would have Mel too if he wasn't such a handful. Vincent isn't a nice man. He hurts those he loves and I worry about Sho. When she comes to see us she's often shaken and Mel says he hears her cry when she thinks no one's there. One day she'll stay for good...

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Origin of "Them's" Scars & Infected Eyeball

When I travel some folks ask me odd questions. Usually they're about my tail and why I have one but then there's them folk who eye my scars. They're so fascinated. Don't know why... I tell them the truth, I tell them they're memories of a time I can't remember and they frown and moan. Guess that's not what they wanted to hear. All I remember from when I was young was my parents loved me, they were killed by mutants and I was raised by mutants. That's it! Quit asking me!!

The wraps were a gift from Stoh to cover my self cuts. She would bathe them to stop infection. That is a time I wish to forget...

Another question nosy peepers ask me is why only one eye. This eye is a proud symbol of my freedom from mutants. They took my sight there but I took their boss head!

Saturday, 8 February 2014


I guess this is introduction time. For the years I've traveled the Wastes, I've kept a tiny, tattered old book. It has some writings, some scribbles and photos so old they're faded almost out of existence. So I share now some of my writings and these bits and pieces.

I'm Shea. The little lad with me is my son, Melan...not to be confused with melon... He's a bright little thing. He has his grandmother's science brain and is already better than me at creating lotions and potions for whatever ails ya.

I try to be as good as my cousin, Stoh but fighting a losing battle. No one can be as good as she was...apart from maybe Freya. But now they're gone and that leaves only me and my boy to keep the Wastes as healthy as possible. It's a damn long and hard struggle against every disease known. The Rust Mouth plague is gone but it lurks. We feel it...

This is my oldest photo. It's my mum... She was always happy. She smelt of cigarettes and roses and played those round guitars with the thin neck. Stoh always reminded me of her. They looked alike. Her love for me and my dad fills my heart every time I look at this. I miss her.

This is an old photo too. He's my dad, a manimal. Looks all serious here but was a big pussy cat, literally! In a storm this got wet, it's never been the same since. The dirt will never come out...I guess that's the way of the Wastes... My dad was a brave one. He battled and killed many mutant before they had him and mum. I guess he tasted bad because they never ate him.

They're my oldest possessions. Them and a shell necklace my mum gave me when I was little. It was so heavy when she put it over my head. I grew into it.

I guess that's all for now. Gotta make dinner for the lad. More tales to be told and more yet to be lived